• How to Reserve Airport Transfer Services and Other Business Travel Tips

    Innovations in telecommunications have brought many benefits for businesses men everywhere. Through video conferences, instant messaging, and e-mail, business executives can attend to urgent business matters from virtually anywhere, even from the back seat of an airport taxi. If you’re strongly committed to expanding your company, however, setting up face-to-face meetings remains the best option. According to a recent Oxford Economics study, face-to-face meetings with potential investors boost both corporate profit and revenue. Now, when you’re looking into prospective financiers, it is still preferable to arrange personal meetings with them, rather than relying exclusively on electronic communications. Business travel can then be done smoothly if you follow some tips. After the flight and hotel reservations have been booked, you can start packing. As business meetings are major in your itinerary, it’s important that you pack suits according to the number of meetings you expect. When your suits get wrinkly because of the trip, spray them with a wrinkle releaser upon arriving at your hotel. If you’re not familiar with the city, you can hire an airport transfer, business executives use as soon as you arrive at the airport. You can call for one as soon as you’ve arrived at the airport, so you don’t have to worry about flagging down a taxi. Reserving airport transfer services is easy, as some reliable companies, accept online reservations. Be sure to decide beforehand which type of vehicle or taxi you wish to use so that the company can arrange it for you. Most limo services are equipped with a popular choice among business executives. You can also opt for the simpler late-model sedans. If you have a lot of luggage or if you have other people travelling with you, a spacious minivan would be the best choice. After the meeting, be sure to send thank you notes to the people you met with. If there were any issues that were left unanswered during the meeting, you can also send e-mails clarifying any issues. If you have time to go sightseeing after such a business trip, an airport transfer service residents rely on can also provide city tours.
  • Prepare for an Upcoming Wedding

    There are only so few important milestones you’ll look back on, and one of them will be your wedding day. You’ll have tons of things to plan and prepare before the big day, and you’ll agree with us that transportation on that day will be a top priority. How does everyone intend to get to the venue? Do you have out-of-town guests who require your help in arranging for transportation? We’ll love to be your number one choice for luxurious, safe and comfortable vehicles. If you’ve got something planned, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ve also got some tips prepared for you down below to help you narrow down just how to go about getting your transportation options in place: CHOOSE YOUR PREFERRED VEHICLE Deciding on the mode of transport for you and your to-be partner and everyone else (including attendants, family members, guests, etc.) is essential to ensuring that your special day remains fun and memorable. Pick a ride that best suits your budget and wedding theme. As for transportation for everyone else, do be sure to liaise with a reliable transportation company to seek their expert opinion. KNOW WHEN TO BOOK You’re going to need something to ride in style in for your big day, and you might even be looking at options for your family and other guests as well. A safe timeline for booking your dream ride is around four to six months in advance, but if you’re planning to wed in the months of April, May or June, a nine-month booking in advance would be advisable. GET AN ACCURATE HEADCOUNT When you need to be somewhere at a certain time, you’ll most likely prefer that everyone can be punctual. However, that isn’t always the case, especially with out-of-town guests unfamiliar with the area. It isn’t your role to pick up the financial aspect of their mode of transport, but you can always help to arrange the best transportation options for them. Determine who needs a lift and get all the necessary details to share with your transportation company as soon as possible. IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS You probably already have tons of things running through your head concerning the upcoming wedding, and the last thing you need is something that requires your immediate and full attention. If you’re arranging for transportation for your guests, do be sure to get their names, contact number and pickup and drop-off addresses to give to the transportation company beforehand. GIVE EACH TRIP ENOUGH TIME Adding on an extra 20 to 30 minutes to each ride is a good idea, especially since we’re talking about an event that involves quite a number of people and possibly more than one venue. Dealing with traffic on a regular day is bad enough, so don’t make the mistake of packing everything in with no air to breathe. With more added time, you can also avoid feeling rushed and panicked.
  • Book a well-planned transfer

    Booking a taxi may not be the most important part of your trip, but it has to be done anyway. Whenever you decide to take a holiday trip, it makes sense to book your flight and residence first. Once you have found the best prices for your flight and your camping, you can start looking for your taxi. It sometimes looks like a detail, but your transfer is really important. In order for you to be relaxed, be sure to choose a taxi that will be on time. It’s the best way to have a well-planned transfer and start your trip in a good mood. Well-planned transfer You generally announce an arrival time at your camping that depends on the time and date of your plane landing. In the case of a return trip to the airport, it is even more important to be right on time so you don’t miss your flight. If there’s a little doubt about it, we know you won’t be able to enjoy your stay. Because we want you to enjoy it, we guarantee you to be on time, for any trip with us. Airport transfer A well-planned trip doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time planning it. We don’t think there are a lot of info needed in order to have a well-planned transfer. You can easily book a taxi on our website by simply filling the voids on the form available on the main page. First, you only have to give us your name, your phone number and email address. Then, we need basic information, such as your time and date of arrival the number of passengers, the airport when you want us to pick you up and the camping where we will drop you off. Tell us if you need accessories such as children seats and if you need a return, choose it in the form. The details will be arranged with the driver at the time he picks you up at the airport.
  • Airport transfers have never been easier to book

    When you book a camping, a hotel, a flight or a taxi for the first time, it can be quite worrying. You never know if you are making the right choice. You often fear to pay online and not find the quality you’re hoping for. We know it can be the first time you are booking your airport transfers with us. That’s why we make everything possible to simplify your booking. The first thing is displaying simple information to help you make an easy choice. If you choose airports and locations that already are on our website, a couple of clicks are enough. You’ll only have to send us an email if you want to go somewhere else.  Airport transfers Once you’ve chosen your time and dates, and also the pick-up and drop-off locations, you’ll only have to complete a form. This form only contains basic info as your name and how to contact you. Because we want you to trust us, we’ll never ask any money before you actually are in the car. Only our driver will ask money. If any payment is asked before you book or before you travel with us, please contact us. Airport transfers, we are happy to book your flight without asking anything else than information. In the time between your booking and your flight, you can contact us whenever you want. We are pleased to answer any question you have and ease any fear you encounter. Once again, we don’t want to be a restraint, in order for you to enjoy your trip. We think helping you is the best way to do it. Before you travel with us, you can modify your booking until fifteen days before the first of your airport transfers. And when you are in our car, feel free to ask any info about the area to our driver.
  • Car Hire vs. Private Airport Transfers Which Is the Most Appropriate For You

    If you are planning for a move from one place or state to another, proper decision on the mode of transport is required. You have to choose between hiring a car to transport the goods, or have an airport transfer. Both have their own advantages and cons, and one need to weight them to find the most appropriate means to use. To help you find a better means to use, we will compare car hire vs. private airport transfers. Car hires Flexibility: This is a major advantage in using car hire vs. private airport transfers. This is because you get the convenience of choosing a route to use, and can also explore the neighborhood with it. You get to drive to the exact location where you want the goods to be dropped at too. You however need to prepare for extra costs when using a car hire. The cost will come in the form of gas, parking feesand other necessary packaging and transport materials needed. You may also need a bigger car to transport everything if moving a house or business. Driving yourself with a car can be tedious especially if moving to a far off location. You may at times need a designated driver to help you in the journey, which will attract an extra cost too. Driving for long distances can be tiring and one will have to spend a couple of hours asleep to recover. Nonetheless, if transporting goods to close locations, it is the best option you can use. Private Airport Transfer The benefit of using private airport transfer is the fact that you have an exact figure to pay for the move. You never have or need to worry about extra charges while on the move. Once the goods are dropped off at the airport, a driver will be there waiting to ship the materials to the location of your preference, which saves you time and money too. Private airport transfers do not charge an extra dime for child seats or any extra luggage you take with you, hence the most convenient means to use when moving over a longer distance. Airport transfers work on schedules, and you are updated on a takeoff time when you pay for the move. In addition to this, you don’t get to experience traffic jams as you would if you had hired a car. This means you have enough time to prepare, and be guaranteed no delays will be experienced. The transit time is refreshing as you can take a nap while on the move.
  • Why We Love Private Car Transfers

    If you’re about to embark on an island getaway, there are really just two ways to get around the island: Either you drive or you hire a private car transfer company. Private car transfers are different from car rental companies in that they are chauffeured cars, with drivers guiding their guests around the area and helping them in whatever way they can. Private car transfers are popular among travelers to many places because they are convenient, with convenient meaning you only to sit inside the vehicle and wait for the car to arrive. In any popular tourist destination, you will always find different private transfer companies vying for customers. If you’re about to travel on an island getaway, make sure to contact different companies and check out their rates and services. While airport meet-and-greet is the standard service, there are companies offer special services like grocery shopping, and concierge services. And yes, there are companies that offer guided tours. One of the most important things to look for in a private car transfer company is the car. Check out the company’s website and see what vehicles they have and if those cars are in great condition. Also, find a company that offers full insurance coverage and has licensed bilingual tour guides who can take you around the destination comfortably. You can definitely find more information about private car transfers in any location in the world by searching on Google. Type in private car transfers plus the name of the place you will be travelling to. Your best bet for finding a reputable company that will deliver and over-deliver on its promises is by reading the reviews and testimonials by former customers. Don’t believe a company when it claims to be the best private car transfer company in the area they operate in. You need to trust the experience of other people to make the decision for you. Sift through the reviews and see if it’s generally good or generally bad. While you can’t expect any company to receive a favorable rating 100% of the time, the really good companies would have a positive rating of at least 95%. If it’s your first time to travel to a place, we think you should hire transfer services just to make your travel as stress-free as possible.
  • Take the Pressure off your Business Travelers

    It’s no secret that business travel can be both a blessing and a headache. For some, business travel is a break from the confines of the office, an opportunity to get out in the world and do the “meet and greet” with clients, vendors, or business partners. While away on business, some travelers find time to get in a round of golf or do some shopping. In these cases, the rush to the airport to catch a departing flight is a minor inconvenience, and hailing a cab in the destination city is no real nuisance. However, there are many who find business travel to be an errand without any real appeal. For them, packing, preparing, and flying to another part of the country is no great thrill. Additionally, commuting to and from the airport can be an exercise fraught with little annoyances and pressures that build over the course of the travel experience and result in genuine aggravation. So, it’s no great surprise that many business-class travelers arrive at their destination with a headache. Yes, travel can be stressful, and the top complaints made by business travelers are generally related to the actual travel portion of the trip. Cancelled or delayed flights can cause no end of troubles for the business traveler who is attempting to get to a certain city and destination for an important meeting. Lost luggage is infuriating, especially for those who planned to change from comfy travel clothes into the proper business attire before meeting an important client or contact. Hotel issues can cause all kinds of troubles for business travelers. Anyone who has had to stay the night in a noisy motel off the highway because some full-service hotel lost their reservation will agree. Poor weather is also a bad start to a business trip, especially if it means a bumpy ride. Nobody likes to show up at a business meeting looking green and feeling sick. And, of course, getting lost in an unfamiliar city because the map and directions you printed out before you left town is difficult to decipher can cause all kinds of road-related stress. In looking at all the general complaints that business travelers have about their experiences on the road, it’s obvious that many of the headaches are caused by travel alone. Once business travelers arrive safely, and on time, with all their luggage at the intended destination, business travel isn’t typically all that bad (unless the meeting doesn’t go as expected). So, one way to take the pressure off the business travelers in your company is to leave the driving to a professional who knows the city and the best routes to take in order to allow them to arrive at their destination on time (or with time to spare). And the best way to facilitate this is to hire a chauffeur-driven limousine to take your business travelers to the airport for departure and also meet them in their destination city to pick them up and drive them to their final destination. In this age where many “face to face” meetings can be easily facilitated by video over the Internet, actual business travel is often reserved for important meetings. As such, businesses that wish their travelling employees to arrive relaxed and prepared to do business, should consider the value of a chauffeured limousine service to and from the airport.  
  • Don’t Leave Image to Chance, Trust Professional Corporate Transportation

    Adding Corporate Transportation to the Team

    If you’re one of the lucky Chiefs fans with season tickets, there’s a good chance those tickets will find use for entertaining purposes as well as for business incentives. If you’re looking to make sporting events the fun and relaxing social events they should be, looking for reliable and professional ground and chauffeured transportation services to Chiefs games home and away.

    Corporate Accounts

    Corporate transportation accounts receive the choice of excellent fleet. All transportation services from reliable Services that promise high standards and a smooth continuation of the polished image a company desires to project. Private Accounts Designed for those who desire professional and reliable first-class service. Private accounts are perfect for transportation to the airport, a night on the town, or a taking in a sporting event or concert. You can choose the best fleet. Business Meetings and Road Shows A first-class experience riding with reliable Service company means you’ll arrive on time and always reflect the desired professional image. With extensive experience serving financial road shows, our transportation services promise promptness, discretion and professionalism at all times.   Additional Chauffeured Services Transportation Benefits
    • Chauffeur status updates via mobile technology and GPS tracking
    • Mobile app for reservations, ride history, future rides & tracking your vehicle
    • Reliable partnerships for streamlined transportation services throughout the world
    • Award-winning professional and reliable services
      Convenient detailed notifications and billing When you ride with reliable Chauffeured Services, you can rest assured our chauffeurs are fully screened and trained employees. All of the vehicles should be also properly licensed, insured, and regularly maintained with your safety and comfort in mind. We don’t take short cuts, and neither should you.    
  • How to Impress your High-Profile Clientele

    Cleaning the office, throwing together last minute presentations, booking dinners and events, organizing an itinerary- when you have a high-profile clientele visiting your office, there are many things that need to be done in order to impress them and ensure they have a productive and nice visit. We know how stressful it can be having clients visit the office, especially high-profile ones that require your company’s utmost attention. Follow our tips below on how to impress your high-profile clientele on their next business trip! Have your entire staff dress professionally Work dress codes have evolved over the years from business to casual business attire, with most offices allowing employees to wear jeans on a daily basis. In the event you do have high-profile clientele visiting, nix the casual dress code and swap it for either traditional business attire (men wear formal suits/sports jackets with ties, dress shoes and business shirts while women wear pantsuits or skirt suits with blouses and closed toe shoes) or a stricter business casual (men wear khakis or dress pants with collared shirts while women wear dress pants, skirts or dresses). When your high-profile clientele visits the office they’ll be impressed by how professional your staff is! Plan a meeting outside of the office No one wants to meet inside an office all day every day of a business trip; half the fun of traveling for business is exploring new cities and what they have to offer! Our beautiful city has plenty of options for entertaining your client: restaurants, golf, bars- the list goes on.   By planning a meeting outside of the office, not only is your client going to feel refreshed, it also gives you an opportunity to step out of the office and experience a new environment that can spark new ideas. Arrange for transportation Clients visiting from out of town won’t be as familiar as you are, so arranging transportation for the duration of their visit will not only make them feel more comfortable, but will show them you care about their safety while navigating around town from their hotel to business meetings and events. The Service that offers a corporate transportation service to meet the needs of your high-profile clientele. By choosing your service, you’re choosing a transportation provider that will reflect your professional image and will ensure your clients arrive to each meeting in a timely manner. Our experienced and professionally trained chauffeur staff always puts safety first and offers an excellent experience for your clients by being courteous, knowledgeable and dressed in a traditional black suit uniform, a perfect fit for your high-profile clientele! You need a service that can assist with the following corporate transportation services:
    • Airport pick ups and drop offs
    • Hotel pick ups and drop offs
    • Business meetings
    • Golf outings & more (we have several vehicles in our fleet that have enough space to fit everyone’s golf clubs!)
    Anyone who isn’t familiar with town will be impressed if their transportation is arranged and they can avoid having to rent a vehicle and navigate around an unfamiliar city.   By following the tips above, your high-profile clientele is going to have an enjoyable business trip that will leave a lasting impression. All clients deserve to be treated well, but when it comes to high-profile ones, you definitely want to go above and beyond to exceed their expectations.  
  • Things To Avoid When Traveling On Business

    Business executives always seem to be on a tighter-than-planned schedule. And while you have organized a private car to take you to your meeting, your self-care doesn’t end there. Try to avoid the following faux pas, in order for your business trip to take a lesser toll on your well-being.


    Yes, the schedule is overwhelming, more often than not. And yes, you probably travel several times a week, perhaps even internationally. Getting enough quality sleep seems a tall order. But it doesn’t have to be. And we do not mean taking a nap in a private car. Always try to get a good eight-hour sleep before setting off on a business trip. How can you expect to give a hundred percent if your body’s not as fit as a fiddle?


    Business trip schedules are packed, and that’s a fact. But they don’t have to be hectic and strenuous. Always plan the “me” time ahead. The first thing you should look into when creating the schedule is the hotel with its amenities. If there’s a sauna, plan a steaming. Taking a trip to the spa or having a massage can also go a long way. Or simply allocate enough time for a peaceful lunch. Recharge your batteries as often as possible.


    Cars need fuel to operate, and humans need food and liquid to function. You should always reserve enough time to have a proper meal. In case you simply cannot do so, pack a snack – sandwiches or salads are always a good choice. And try to not go anywhere without a bottle of water. Thirst can seriously affect your capacity to think and act, so be prepared.


    As interesting as it is finding yourself in a new and unfamiliar location, try not to get distracted while the work hasn’t been finished. You will hopefully have enough time for sightseeing and souvenir shopping once the meetings are through. We do not stress this because of the lack of time though, but because of energy loss. Do not strain yourself on activities you think are relaxing, but can actually prove tiring. Instead, try to spend your down time actually resting and recuperating.


    This is a common mistake that many businessmen make. Between the planning, the preparation, and the business trip itself, there is little time for language learning, right? Wrong. Always set time aside for learning even the basic phrases of the foreign country you are traveling to. Knowing the correct way to greet your business partners will make them feel appreciated and respected. It’s simply good etiquette. Not to mention the hotel staff and airport personnel who will, undoubtedly, be more pleasant if you address them in their own language.


    Business trips are exhausting and stressful, so make them less so. The least you can do is treat yourself to a luxurious and comfortable ride. Our service has a vehicle to your taste, we guarantee it.      

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